Downfall of APB – is is still good idea to produce your MMO?

APBIs it still viable to produce high profile MMOs? The mountain of money and time needed to finish one is enormous. Your chance of success is, at best slim. Here we have another example of project that went on for years, moved its release date again and again to finally fall to the ground only few months after publication date.

I’ve never played APB. To be honest none of my friends played it. We’ve all considered trying the game, but no one really did it. APB is one of those games. It’s hyped beyond imagination, developers are almost promising golden mountains to anyone who tries their product and in the end all of that becomes rubble because of simple things. You need too high-end machine to play it comfortably. Game is full of bugs. Features are half-implemented and uninteresting. No one is really compelled to play your product.

We are in funny times now. If you try to produce AAA MMO you will probably fail. Even if you wont go bankrupt it’s highly unlikely to get your money back in any predictable frame of time. There is other way, that was popular few years ago. You start with small product and then try to expand it (this is story of EVE-Online). It proved to be good strategy, but I don’t believe it’s viable anymore. If your game is small and has only handful of features everyone will look at it and (correctly) think that they’ve seen it all already and your game is not interesting enough.

I don’t really have any final thoughts in the APB case. They made mistakes and now they are paying. I’m not business guru – there are wiser people than me who will talk about it for months. The only thing I have to say facing another project closing its doors is: If you want to create your MMO think twice. It’s not a project any company can handle.


~ by koori on 17/09/2010.

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