Dust 514 – great marketing, but are we happy?

This is response to EveWarrior’s post located here
First of all I’d like to point out that I pretty much agree with most of what evewarrior said. At least my first impression at Dust 514 makes me feel that way. Thre are few things that I’d like to expand on.

First one is if Dust will have big impact on sovereignty in EVE there will be no options for alliances other than play the game and defend their territory. Who’s going to relay on some random console players when Your Space is at stake. You want to do it good – do it yourself. It also brings one big problem. What if this game is vital to sovereignity in EVE and also completely sucks? It means that only EVE players will play it out of necessity. There are hundreds of 0.0 systems in EVE. If Dust really is important in sovereignty mechanics it will have to get huge player base to make the conflict meaningful. Do we want to have systems claimed by single guy from some strange time zone? If Dust is actually important we will have no other way. We will have to play it. Brilliant move CCP.

The other side of the coin. Game is ok – nothing wrong with it – but the impact on actual eve universe that it creates is minimal or simply annoying. Dust simply blocks expansion of EVE client into planetary interactions. As far as I understand it we’ve just got locked in space for ever. The only way to see some planets is buying another game. If planetary actions are not meaningful, should we be happy that it’s not destroying “our eve” or sad because it killed one of the most interesting ways EVE coud develop some day? I’d love to have full planetary exploration/fighting/lore built into eve at some point. Now it looks like it will never happen.

I’m quite sure that CCP has most of those things figured out and we will get a nice game. We have way to few bits of data to say anything constructive. That’s why we are spending all day on twitter and our blogs writing this stuff. At the moment I’m considering buying a console to play Dust 514. It’s exciting, it’s beautiful and I love futuristic combat in all forms. Lets see what will we get to see at fanfest.


~ by koori on 18/08/2009.

One Response to “Dust 514 – great marketing, but are we happy?”

  1. Part two, I agree with even further. The game looks absolutely great, but it is the impact it will have on our universe that I am worried about.

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