Carebear’s best friend.

Drake in w-space gas cloud

Drake in a gas cloud

If I had to choose my favorite ship from EVE-Online, I would probably choose Drake. Not because of the amazing tank or other characteristics. Drake has allowed me to stop using battleships in the majority of my current tasks and I am grateful for that.

Drake’s biggest strength is his passive tank. Even without a very expensive faction or officer modules you can get near battleship-like resilience . His DPS is of course lower, but we cannot have everything at once. I think that 210dps with t1 ammo and not counting drones is just enough if we remember that drake can live very long under fire and it can effectively shoot at 70km with full force. And all this with complete independence from the capacitor. A small drone bay can store 5 small drones that add another  ~90dps or other abilities from EW drones.

Drake allows for a smooth, although not fast, completing any lvl 4 mission as well as virtually any anomalies and complexes that we can see in Empire. The most interesting thing is that this performance can be obtained without a massive investment in skills. Three to four millions of skill points allow almost complete utilization of Drake tanking ability and good performance with T2 heavy missiles. There are certainly other ways to use the ship. You will probably meet active and buffer tanked drakes fitted with heavy assault missiles in PVP.

Drake, as well as other passive tanked craft, however, has several major disadvantages. The first of them is impossibility of using afterburners and microwarp drives. Capacitor is thinned so much that running those modules would suck  it dry in seconds. Fortunately, the range allows for efficient utilization in almost any conditions encountered in PVE. Fast movement, however, is virtually impossible.

The second problem is that the passive tank is driving us to all-or-nothing approach. Removal of even one tank module is causing a significant decrease in tanking shields recharge or resistances. We therefore need to know exactly what we are up against and balance the number of additional modules, such as  Analyzer or Codebreaker with the need to defend. You might also add that the majority of pirates operating in the empire are not able to shoot and tank long enough to break the Drake’s shield. It is good for us, carebears: P

As you noticed it’s a fairly one-sided analysis derived from the pilot, who rather seeks ways to avoid contact with other players guns, but I think that showed clearly that Drake may be the best friend of explorers and other PVE enthusiasts in EVE. I recommend it as one of the first targets of training for young pilots because it opens doors to high level content without need to use battleships.


~ by koori on 01/07/2009.

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